In an acceptable time I have heard You,    says the Lord.    Isaiah 49 : 8

I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ

Since I invited Jesus Christ to be my Saviour and Lord,
Holy Spirit has put His seal of eternal life on me.
Therefore, I belong to the Lord:
Not to myself
Not to anyone else.
I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ.
(Ephesians 1 : 13 and 14)

Holy Spirit lives in me:
He is pouring out liberally in my heart
the love of God   (Romand 5: 5)
in all its breadth and length and depth and height.
(Ephesians 3: 18)

Holy Spirit comes upon me today
With His wonderful power,
so that I may serve the Lord with gladness.
I show forth in my lifestyle what
the Lord Jesus Christ is like.
(Acts 26:16)

See you tomorrow, God willing,
when you'll find a new thought here to challenge you!
Meanwhile, have a great day walking with the Lord!

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Bible Pointer:

    LB stands for "The Living Bible",
    by Tyndale House Publishers
    NKJV stands for
    "The New King James Bible",
    by Thomas Nelson Publishers