4. It is simple . . .

to introduce yourself
to the God Who Loves Human Beings ...

When you are ready to pray,
shut yourself in with God
and pray these words To Him with all your heart,
and loud enough for you to hear!

O Love Divine,

I would like to know You as my God.
I thank You that Your thoughts to me
have always been good,
including a future and a hope.

I thank You that even though
I have been separated from You by my sins,
and have even been Your enemy,
that You are still drawing me to Yourself
with Your everlasting Love.

Thanks for sending Your Only Begotten Son
the Lord, Jesus Christ,
to redeem me out of the hands
of the enemy of my soul.

Lord Jesus, I believe in my heart
that You died for my sins
as my substitute on the cross;
I believe that You rose again from the dead
to make me just as if I never sinned.

I believe that You are both
Lord over all lords
and Christ, the Anointed One of God.

Come into me now, Lord Jesus Christ
and let me know that You love me.

I renounce all rebellion against You,
and I promise that I will act justly,
love showing mercy,
and that I will walk humbly with You.
Please hold me to this promise
by Your mighty power.

Blessed Holy Spirit,
thank You for taking up residence in my life.
Thank You that I now belong to You, Lord:
the God Who Loves Me.
Thank You for surrounding me
with Your Great and Wonderful Love right now.

I will praise You as long as I live
and glorify Your name forever and ever,

If you prayed sincerely from you heart ...
you belong to the God Who Loves You.
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